10 Tech Tools For Every Sales Situation

How many times a day do your team members tell themselves they’ll remember to follow up with a prospect or learn how to correctly pronounce a new product feature, but fail miserably at doing so?  

10 Tech Tools For Every Sales Situation

Here are a few tech tools to help you manage your team in every act you’ll come across in your three-ring-circus sales job:

1. For when you need to check in with Carol to see if she’ll have the report ready before the status meeting: 


Slack – Available as a desktop program and a phone app, Slack is like everything you loved about AIM but for work. You can chat with your coworker sitting next to you to in the strategy meeting or send a thumbs up emoji to your new hire for some positive reinforcement, all without having to open up your inbox.

Different categories and segmented conversations make it easy to track communications with your team for all of your projects. Upload files and search past conversations all from the Slack app, which helps sales reps feel invested in their work and in the loop. And with its brand-new User Group feature, large teams can manage communications with segmented user groups and notification settings. Take that, AIM.

2. For when you have contracts to write up and a pile of reports to review:


Wunderlist It’s like sticky notes for all of your tech, that you won’t lose. This to-do list app works across all devices so you can keep track of tasks (and get the satisfaction of crossing them off) without the hassle of loose papers.

3. For when you’re at Outback Steakhouse and the perfect prospect spills his Coke on your shirt, but you still take his biz card anyway:


CamCard Lite This app takes real (losable) business card information and stores it on your mobile device, which you can then view and manage. Store your own e-business card for easy exchange through the app at networking events or when stumbling upon new prospects. Share it with your reps to turn them into prospecting machines, even during lunch breaks. The only downside is that you can’t put it in the fishbowl at the hostess stand to win the gift card drawing.

4. For when Dave on your sales team doesn’t know about the latest updates on your product:


Bridge – Bridge by Instructure is an easy-to-use and easy-to-implement corporate learning platform that will help keep you, your team, and the entire company up to speed and at the top of their game. You can easily create good-looking courses to keep employees up to speed on updates, company culture, best practices, and pretty much anything else you can dream of.

5. For when you’re wondering if your new hire opened your training email:


Sidekick Keep track of who opens your emails from where and when with this inbox extension tool by HubSpot. Your sales reps can gauge interest by how many times an email has been opened by a prospect or how many times a link within it has been clicked (like the pricing page). Seventeen times? They’ve got a hot one.

Because sales reps know when customers have clicked on any links, they can appropriately time the next follow up.

6. For when your team has 200 new prospects to follow up with this month:


Boomerang – It’s like a time machine for email. The Boomerang plugin allows you and your reps to easily schedule emails and set up repeat emails to send again if originals haven’t been opened. This is a huge time-saver and will ensure the team won’t drop the ball on follow-ups.

7. For when you press “send” but instantly realize it’s off to the wrong person:


Gmail’s ‘Undo Send’ feature – Though it’s only effective within 30 seconds of clicking “send,” it can save some serious embarrassment or even a lost sale. Now if only there was one for in-person conversations ….

8. For when you can’t remember if it’s “Rick and me are presenting tomorrow” or “Rick and I are presenting tomorrow”:


Grammarly This browser extension is like your own personal grammar police (without the embarrassment). Grammarly catches spelling errors, grammar issues, and even detects plagiarism right in your emails, documents, or website copy so your team can avoid turning off clients or ruining a first impression with a prospect due to bad grammar.

9. For when you have great perspective on your industry:


Medium This online community and blog platform is a place where users share their perspective on all sorts of topics and where you can read the best of its content. Medium gives a voice to people who may otherwise not be heard on other social media platforms. This platform is helpful for reading up on best practices or efficiency hacks to encourage and motivate you to be a better sales manager, or simply sharing your experiences and industry insights.

10. For when you met someone at a networking event but didn’t get their biz card:


VoilaNorbert This paid service is the Siri of email stalking. Find a person’s email address by entering in a name and domain. Voila. Your team can reduce hours spent tracking down prospects’ email addresses when unsure of job titles or unable to navigate a private LinkedIn account. The system is easy to use and perfect for salespeople who aren’t making a ton of searches per day since it has search limits, but just enough to need some help from Norbert.

No matter the industry, sales professionals are busy and have a lot to juggle. With these helpful tech tools, your team will be racking up more sales and busting through the sales quota roof.

What tech tools does your team use to streamline the daily sales routine? Please share in the comments below.

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