4 Steps to Succeed at Sales

Your company’s products and services might be unique, but your sales mission probably isn’t. That’s because, like you, every sales manager out there is working to earn his or her unfair share of the market.

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So, how do you pave the way for your sales team to get to the top when the path is so congested? As the EVP of Worldwide Sales at Instructure I have learned that superior training and smart, efficient processes, can help guide better sales. Here are four steps every sales manager should follow.

Understand your demand generation process


Targeted marketing efforts such as blogs, social posts, and webinars can help your team generate sales by raising awareness about the products and services you're sellingbut they’re not free. It's important for your sales team to understand the cost of creating this content. Communication between the sales and marketing teams helps ensure that resources spent to generate demand are actually increasing sales and profits.

Establish a documented and taught sales process

From making cold calls to closing, employees should follow an established process for each sale. With such a process in place, you'll clearly see which events and actions directly contribute to successful sales. You can then use that information to your advantage with future prospects.

Certify sales team on demos

All sales employees should be trained on demos before selling products and services. Every industry's audience is different, so learning which messages resonate with your customers is essential. A great learning and training platform like Bridge can help you properly train your team and identify areas where individual team members can improve.

Determine your selling methodology

Selling is a teachable skill, and learning how to sell is a matter of following a successful sales methodology. There are many to choose from and the one that’s right for your company might depend on your business or industry. The Challenger Sale is a popular method, for example, and involves tailoring conversations to better connect with the prospects you’re trying to win over.


To learn more about capturing your unfair share of any market through more successful sales, check out my panel discussion at this year's Sales Stack conference presented by Sales Hacker. I'll discuss the stages of B2B sales and how to stay on track. The event takes place November 9–10 in San Francisco.


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