4 Tools to Awaken the Force Within Your Team

Whether or not you’ve seen “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” movie, you know it takes some help from the Force to build a solid sales team.

Hiring the right candidate isn’t enough to blow quota out of the galaxy.  Your sales team needs an intricate mix of components to be successful. In Yoda speak, have these key components for an effective sales team, you must:

Online learning tool / learning management system (LMS)   

Once you’ve chosen your new hires, they’ll need to get up to speed on things pretty quickly. Since they can’t travel at the speed of light aboard a spaceship, your reps can use the next best thing, which is a learning and engagement platform like Bridge. A treasure trove of wisdom and facts, this tool will prep your sales force for the battlefield both in the cloud and among the stars. Your learning and engagement platform will help you manage your team with real-time reporting and quizzes to gauge learning from training courses. More to learn, there is.

Mobility and easy deployment 

Your new reps can’t explore the entire galaxy in a day, so it is key to have mobile compatibility for all those space trips to different planets. Mobile learning, or m-learning, allows for sales reps to learn away from their work desktops. And software that is easily deployed means faster results.


Since you can pretty much get data from anything you want, knowing where to focus your analytics efforts will only strengthen the results of your sales Force. From your team’s onboarding and training results to the amount of prospects they’ve converted in their first 90 days, you’ll be able to see trends and adjust accordingly. The most successful companies are taking advantage of predictive analytics to identify low-hanging fruit, then going in for the kill. Make sure this knowledge is being used for good.


You need a proper bounty. Recognize outstanding reps and new hires who are mastering the art of the “Sales” calling (and you don’t necessarily need to use monetary measures). The rest of the team will be inspired and your star performers will be hyped to keep excelling.

Your sales reps have the Force — you just need to awaken it with the right mix of tools and components. May the Force be with you.

What has helped your team? Tell us, you must. And May the 4th be with you.

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