5 essential tips every sales team should know

They say great products sell themselves. While that might be true to some extent, as a sales manager, you know you can't often rely on products to close sales for you. It's your sales team who convinces potential clients to try out a product or service. Without them, the business simply cannot grow. This is why giving the team the tools and tips it needs to succeed is crucial, as superior salespeople are a huge asset to the company.

To help your team members grow and improve, share with them these five tips. While they may seem simple, they can substantially improve your team's efforts and results on the job.

Stay up to date on industry news


Most industries change constantly. Keeping current on the news is an important part of the job, as customers expect your company to be thought leaders and experts in your field. Encourage your team to spend a small portion of each day reading articles and watching videos related to your industry. You can also keep your team well-informed by incorporating industry news in the employees' training sessions.

Train for the job you want, before getting promoted

Speaking of training, sales staff who are striving to get promoted should start training for the job they want before the actual hiring process occurs. This helps new sales managers succeed in their role once they do get the promotion, rather than forcing them to waste months trying to learn the skills needed to do their job well. You can help your team with this by incorporating skills and lessons you've learned in your position into online training. An easy-to-use learning and training software like Bridge will make it easy for you to create courses quickly based on what your sales team needs to learn now.  

Relationships with other teams in the company are very important


IT, marketing, customer service — while every team performs a different function, they're all equally important. Maintaining good relationships with all teams can help your employees improve at their job. Sales members can learn crucial information from other teams in the company, such as why customers are or aren’t satisfied or which marketing strategies are most effective. They can then use these lessons to tailor their conversations with potential clients.

Clients prefer honesty and realistic claims

A sales pitch full of exaggerations and insincerity will instantly turn off potential clients. Customers don't want to be lied to; they want honest and authentic pitches from your team. Make sure your team knows each product and service your company offers so they can clearly outline the benefits, and eliminate the fluff talk, in phone calls or meetings.

It's okay to fail


The sales industry is intense, and in many companies there is a lot of turnover. That shouldn't prevent your sales team, however, from trying new tactics in order to find success. While some strategies will work, others won't. Make your sales team aware that it's okay to fail every once in awhile, and offer suggestions when employees are unsure of how to proceed.




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