Bridge is Learning and Performance, Simplified.

Unlock the full potential of your people with Bridge.

Before Bridge, employee development was scattered – mandatory training was a fire drill, learners weren’t engaged, performance reviews were painful, skill gaps widened, and you were manually tracking all of it.

After Bridge, learning is organized, people are building skills, employees are connected, performance reviews are actionable and employee engagement is skyrocketing. Teams are happier and more productive. That sounds great!

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Not only from a service perspective but from ease of use perspective, Bridge has been amazing. Hourly employees have 96% compliance for online learning, which is remarkable.”
- Christina LaRochelle, Director, Talent Management at Centerra Gold

What makes Bridge unique?

Bridge brings Learning + Doing together in one place

If your organization needs a better way to train, develop, and engage, Bridge offers a robust yet easy-to-use LMS. If you want to take learning to a whole new level, our integrated performance management and skill development tools are designed to help you get the best out of your people.

Tie your performance reviews, goals and 1on1 agendas to the learning management system so when someone wants (or needs) to learn a new skill, courses can be assigned, discussed regularly in 1on1s and measured as a performance goal.

Team performance, learning, skill building and organizational goals don’t exist in a vacuum – so why should your HR tools?

Bridge Learn (LMS)

Loved by both learners and administrators alike, Bridge LMS helps you effectively create, catalog, and deliver scalable learning programs. Easily train employees or external partners and customers. With Bridge LMS, you can:

Bridge Perform

Bridge performance management platform encourages, facilitates, and measures employee performance. Drive connection, growth, and alignment across teams, and make strategic talent decisions. With Bridge Perform, you can: 

AI-Powered Skills

Super-charge employee upskilling and reskilling with Bridge. Built-in AI can identify skills gaps and recommend courses to employees based on the skills they want (or need) to grow. With Bridge Skills, you can:

Bridge Learning & Performance Integrations

Bridge software integrates with most Human Resource Information Systems (HRIS), Single Sign-On (SSO) platforms, content providers, and more. Check out all of our integrations

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