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Bridge releases the next iteration of the employee learning and performance experience with enhancements to Analytics.

Bridge launches enhanced analytics for improved data filtering and visualization.

At Bridge, we’ve long believed that “People Matter Most.”

When the conversation arises around the ROI of your learning + performance platforms, it can be easy to get lost in the numbers and forget about the people. 

Organizational growth and success starts with data. Recent findings from Gallup reveal that companies lack the ability to understand the data collected through employee feedback and performance data.  

Leaders have invested in the ability to collect data — but can’t achieve strategic business outcomes when they are unsure of how to interpret what the data actually means. Without the ability to measure the effectiveness of their talent solutions, HR technologies are falling short of their goal: improving the lives of the people in their workplace. 

As we listened to customers, one thing became clear: regardless of vertical, misunderstanding data was a big problem. 

At Bridge, we saw this challenge first-hand, and have been hard at work developing new enhancements to make analytics more customizable, helping organizations turn data insights into actionable initiatives. 

Today, we are excited to announce big changes to our data efforts with Bridge Analytics

With Bridge Analytics, you can now easily connect all your data under one roof, and measure the impact of your employee learning programs. With the goal of eliminating Learning and Performance silos, Analytics is the latest release in Bridge’s platform to seamlessly connect learning and performance into a single, comprehensive growth experience.

“Bridge exists to solve the problem of connection, alignment, and growth,” says John Knotwell, General Manager at Bridge. “Our approach to analytics is directly correlated with that goal. If business leaders can understand the data, they’ll better understand the people.”


Bridge Analytics is an intuitively designed system built with business leaders in mind. It offers easy-to-build custom reports, options to schedule data deliveries down to the minute, and provides numerous filters that allow you to see specific information about your people. Additionally, you can easily connect with businesses’ intelligence tools and Bridge is now the only LMS offering BI integration through webhooks or Amazon S3 scheduling. 

I LOVE ANALYTICS! It is brilliant and has made my life so much easier to report on Management Development Program,” reports Christian Morris, People Development Consultant at Seetec. “What used to take me hours now takes me about 10 minutes. A vast improvement on the insights function, and I have also seen that we now have a Usage function too.”  

Learn more about Bridge Analytics, along with further resources that help employees and managers transform their organization through connection, alignment, and growth.

About Bridge 

Bridge is a Learning & Performance platform that uniquely combines learning management, career & skill development, and performance management, all in one solution. With Bridge, you can turn stale and ineffective learning & performance review programs into a seamless, dynamic, and engaging experience for employees and managers alike. Used by more than 800 companies worldwide, Bridge helps companies achieve their strategic people development goals by facilitating connection, alignment, and growth across the entire organization. Learn more at 

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Bridge is a learning and performance platform that transforms organizations by bringing together learning, skills and performance in one unified experience.

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