Make It Rain: 5 Better Sales Tactics & How To Teach Them

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It’s time we flipped the script on sales tactics. Better yet, let’s just scrap the script all together, because the truth is, scripts just get in the way of a great presentation, locking sales associates into a pitch that isn’t authentic or personalized either to the rep or the prospect.

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The way we see it, there are five ways to help your sales teams sell more and make it rain:

1. Go unscripted and get better sales results

Sales people are people, not actors. They aren’t auditioning for a film, they’re trying to engage their customer. So why should they agonize over delivering a script like a sales robot, when so much of sales is based on relationships? Well, Domo arigato, Mr Roboto, it’s time to make a change. The best salespeople are unscripted and do the most important thing a salesperson can do: listen and respond to client needs. Robot salespeople are likely to melt down in those moments, which isn’t good for anyone. So go unscripted and liberate your salespeople to engage with the client, ready and aware of whatever might arise (hopefully a sale).

2. Provide on-demand training for better customer satisfaction

These days you can get anything on demand—books, video, food, and even fashion. So why shouldn’t a salesperson be able to access on demand lots of good advice on how to respond to common customer objections? Because business moves faster than ever and sales teams can’t wait until they return to the office to get the training they need, smart companies are creating custom training that gives detailed instructions via video demonstrations, customer service enactments, and coaching. Each video or course can be created as needed to address whatever potential problems might arise. By doing so, you’re giving your team a powerful training resource that will prepare them for almost anything, right when they need it.

3. Make sure your sales staff always knows where they are going

Salespeople have enough going on in their heads. They don’t need an extra worry about changes in corporate policies, and they shouldn’t have to wonder what the latest strategic initiative might be, especially when that strategy directly informs what is expected of them. One simple solution is to offer access to an on-demand library of policies and procedures, and more importantly, all strategic initiatives. Think of it as an online archive for your team and a way to keep everyone informed and doing their best work.

4. Use mentors to groom new hires for sales success

Even the talented new hire needs a wise mentor to guide them along. After all, where would Luke be without Obi-Wan Kenobi? Or, Daniel-san without Mr. Miyagi? When you assign your new associates a mentor, you are giving them an invaluable guide through the many potential sales pitfalls that lie ahead. It’ll help them build confidence, learn without falling too hard, and provide them with a walking library of information and insight.  

5. Let your sales stars star in their own videos

You have a number of sales stars on your team. They know what works and what doesn’t, and they have complete mastery of your products. Who better to star in a video about sales tactics than them? It’s like learning about baseball from a future hall of famer, or getting help on your theoretical physics test from Stephen Hawking. Your top salespeople will appreciate the chance to contribute (and – let’s be honest – they’ll also like starring in a video). And your new reps will appreciate the chance to learn new skills that will help them grow and get better.

So there you have it, five better ways to sell and how to make it happen. Do have other non-scripted tactics that work for you? Please share it with us in the comments below.


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