Bridge LMS:

The Powerful Absorb Alternative That Puts Developing Your People First.

Don’t settle for just a learning management system (LMS) when you can get performance and development capabilities too. Not all learning platforms are created equal, so make sure you choose a solution that can deliver learning AND development tools for your organization.

Bridge is one of the only learning platforms that outperforms others in delivering world-class learning AND development tools for your people.

Bridge vs Absorb LMS

*Ratings via as of July 30, 2021.

“We found Bridge because we were looking for an LMS, and were blown away at everything else it could do. Now we use it for career management and performance management as well.”

– Verified review on  G2 Logo

“I love the new features of performance visibility. This allows my managers to comb through the information quickly so that they can focus on employee development.”

– Verified review on  G2 Logo

“When looking at the competition and comparing what we were getting for the price and the functionality, Bridge just made sense for us. but we also liked the ease of use for our managers and users.”

– Verified review on  G2 Logo

“It’s a great tool, and any company that cares about their employees and how they interact with them and their goals should use Bridge. So nice to help our employees see their career progression.”

– Verified review on  G2 Logo


“Our implementation was lengthy and we are still having glitches and issues with the product. We require very specific tracking needs and although we were told it can handle this, we are experiencing incorrect data and problems later down the road.”

– Verified review on  G2 Logo

“Some features within the administrative side of the software can be cumbersome to use. A few features take extra steps that seem unnecessary and slow admin users down.”

– Verified review on  G2 Logo

“I dislike the reporting system- I wish they were more highly customizable and more user friendly. I wish there was a little more tracking information for courses.”

– Verified review on  G2 Logo

“Difficult to manage blended learning. Some factors in course management could use improvements…Customer Support is non existent. 10+ days to resolve any issues.”

– Verified review on  Capterra

It's Nice To Be Recognized

Bridge is the “People Matter Most” Platform

Bridge understands that employees need more than courses and training to reach their full potential.  We believe it’s through connection, alignment, and growth that both people and organizations reach their goals.  That’s why Bridge brings the best of learning, performance, and career development together, into one easy to use, people focussed platform.  With over 800 organizations and millions of users, a customer retention of 90%, and award winning 24/7 customer support, it’s easy to see why so many choose Bridge to help solve their biggest learning and development challenges.

More Than an LMS...It's an Experience You'll Love

Oh it’s an LMS (and a really good one at that), but Bridge is the only integrated and personalized development platform for companies who deeply invest in their people.

Custom Learning Journeys


Live Training

1 on 1 Check-Ins

Career Development Plans

Goal Alignment

Advanced Video Capabilities


Reporting & Analytics


Advanced Course Authoring

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