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NHS (National Health Service)

Creating a Seamless Learning Experience for Front Line Healthcare Workers

Read how the NHS has been utilizing Bridge to help get new doctors up-to-speed quickly and join the battle against COVID19 in UK hospitals.

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Capital Markets Day

Making employee development a mindset

By leveraging Bridge LMS employee performance learning platform across the organization, Chemical Bank reduced its turnover rate by 20% within one year.

Creating a culture of learning and performance

“We exist to love and value people. Finding a tool like Bridge that could help us accomplish what we wanted to when it came to investing in people was of paramount importance to us.”
Bronson Pasko, Training Director

Employees completed self-paced, optional learning 2.3X faster than required enrollment benchmarks, indicating their hunger for learning.

External Learners

Educate Your Customers, Contractors, and Channel Partners

Growing revenue—without the growing pains

helps its employees get the right training and development as the company rapidly grows with Bridge.

Increased efficiency by decreasing average onboarding time from:

Onboarding & sales management training increase sales revenue: 

Decrease in sales attrition with more effective sales team support: 

Great Outcomes with the People Matter Most Platform

People-centric learning and performance approach

C Space built people-centric strategies into their brand and transformed the culture, combining centralized learning with a refreshed performance management approach with Bridge LMS.

Clear employee engagement, transparent alignment

The Learning and Development team at Brewer Science applies employee-first openness to their learning, performance, and career programs, to further their culture of engagement, alignment, and success.

People matter most at Livongo

Livongo uses Bridge as part of its strategy to create an employee-first framework, focusing on enabling employees to become top performers, mentoring high potential employees to become effective managers, and creating thoughtful efficiencies to align teams for engagement.

Learning and Development Success Stories

Supporting a growing learning culture

Learn how Red Door Interactive made its onboarding and employee development programs more efficient.

Investing in training for dispersed workforce

“When I presented Bridge to our CEO, COO, and a roomful of managers, they all applauded. They’d been looking for a training solution for 15 years, and there it was.” – Lance Pendleton, Director of Education and Training

Remote, dispersed learning for the win

Learn how rolling out a five-minute training on Bridge LMS led to a 300% increase in online sales originating from stores at Fanzz, a Larry H. Miller Group company. 

E-learning that (literally) saves lives

With Bridge, SafetyNow creates engaging safety and compliance training that reduces clients’ accident rates. 

Proactive upskilling for Temple University employees

Learn what happens when agility and scale are leveraged to empower the modern learner to actively gain knowledge.

Visibility for compliance-driven reporting metrics

Learn how Clemson University created new opportunities for blended and online employee learning, while delivering a streamlined, automated system for compliance.

Skill Development - a continuous journey

Learn how Workfront leverages Bridge to educate, engage, and develop their global sales workforce as they work to reduce sales funnel attrition.

And the stories go on and on

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