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Keeping the Employee Experience First Through Personalized Learning and Performance Programs

True (Formerly known as True Talent Advisory), is a global platform centered on talent for high-growth tech and tech-enabled organizations. True aims to evolve the talent management industry by creating tools and services that increase transparency and efficiency within the global talent market—add value to the global talent pool, our clients, and everyone who provides talent related services.




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Though COVID19 has disrupted in-person onboarding, skill development, and performance processes, True has continued to put the experience of their employees first by building tailored learning and performance programs that are designed to democratize learning and establish a culture of communication. As Leanne Wong, VP of Performance and L&D put it,  “Bridge helps us put the learner in the driver’s seat of their development”.


  • Make e-learning and onboarding an intuitive experience for employees with relevant content that helps them get better at their jobs
  • Get easy access to learning and skill development data in order to make better L&D curriculum content decisions
  • Tie learning into skill assessments so that learners can see the skills they need to develop in order to make career progress
  • Establish a culture of communication by encouraging more consistent 1on1’s and performance conversations


Bridge Learning + Performance Platform
Leanne and team have used the Bridge Learning + Performance platform in the following ways:

  • Creation of new hire onboarding that includes HR & diversity trainings, in addition to an in-depth look at the “anatomy of a search”
  • Upskilling and continuous development of employees through both mandatory and optional e-learning courses
  • Using skill assessments to help learners see what mastery & proficiency looks like by skill, which helps employees build out skill & career development plans

  • Offer blended learning opportunities of both live training and online learning, and track learner progress through Bridge.

  • Offer tailored learning courses that are specific to regions

  • Use feedback once a quarter in order to help employees evaluate their own performance. They integrate Bridge with Culture Amp in order to combine performance data with skill feedback in Bridge. 

What I really love about Bridge is that its a fully integrated platform- it’s everything from performance, to 1on1 coaching conversations, to L&D, and what I like about it is that it’s kind of prescriptive, you have a structure for mentorship and management, 1on1 conversations to diagnose what the learning challenges are, and then skill assessments to verify what those potential learning gaps are. Having all of these solutions right there at your fingertips in one platform has been fantastic

Leanne Wong
VP of Performance and L&D


  • Increased Bridge active users from 67% to 82% over a 9 month period
  • Increased the size of their library of published courses from 6 to 85 in 11 months
  • Achieved just under 1700 course completions- 75% of which are from new hires
  • Dramatically improved the quality of new hire onboarding. New hires used to feel ill prepared for their roles, but with the help of Bridge, they now feel far more prepared to do their jobs effectively

  • Creating a culture of skill feedback has enabled them to assess and train around a core set of skills that every employee needs to succeed

What value has bridge provided you?

  • “The ability to put learners in the driving seat of their development, at scale, has been hugely beneficial”
  • “We use the whole platform for both Learning and Performance. Having all of these solutions right there at your fingertips, in one platform, has been fantastic”
  • “Using data to make intelligent Learning & Performance decisions. With Bridge, we’re starting to see the data that’s driving our strategic direction”


To learn more about how True is leveraging the Bridge Employee Development platform, please contact us at or 877-576-5634. 

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