External Learners

Educate Your Customers, Contractors, and Channel Partners

Craft and manage customizable, robust learning programs that map to business goals for external learners.


Educate your Customers

If your customers want or need training on your products and services, you’ll need a way to create and deliver that training. Focused and engaging customer learning increases satisfaction, retention, and adoption. That’s where Bridge comes in! Bridge is a turnkey solution for both the creation and delivery of intuitive educational content to onboard, engage, and retain your customers. Plus, with Bridge’s open API and webhooks, you can easily integrate Bridge with other sales tools.


Train your Contractors & Consultants

A substantial knowledge gap between employees and contractors can result in inconsistencies, confusion, and errors. That’s why it’s crucial that contractors and consultants receive essential compliance training and are educated on your products, services, and brand.

Leveraging technology to bridge (pun intended!) this knowledge gap streamlines the learning process while increasing engagement. Robust and customized learning programs also help contractors and consultants feel more closely connected to your brand and like a valued member of the team, improving outcomes across the board.

Bridge’s highly intuitive interface means you don’t need to spend additional time training your contractors to use your software. As soon as they log in, they’ll know exactly what to do!

Extend Learning to Channel Partners

Bridge’s offering is tailored to meet the unique challenges of channel partners. Partner enablement starts with education. It is their foundation to understanding, selling, and building relationships with your brand.

For partners to effectively transfer knowledge about your wares, they need deep knowledge of your offering, mission, and values. Without this expertise, they’re more likely to misrepresent your brand or lack the confidence to close deals about your products and services.

On the other hand, partners that are intimately aware of your brand, solutions, benefits, and customer fit can more easily recognize how you can help their customers. Aligning partners through education means a healthier bottom line for both of you!


Why Choose Bridge?

To efficiently train an extended network, you need technology that’s intuitive and easy to distribute, ensuring that learners can focus on your program, not your platform. Bridge handles the management and distribution of your learning program to all stakeholders, prioritizing experiences and outcomes. 

Here are just a few great reasons why customers around the globe use Bridge to deliver and track courses to anyone outside of their internal organizations:

What Our Customers Say

We believe we have the right solutions for you, but don’t just take our word for it! Here’s what some of our customers who’re using Bridge for External Learners are saying:

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