Engagement and Learning at SHRM in New Orleans

SHRM Day 2

Day two of SHRM is in full swing and the talk of the morning has been Tropical Storm Cindy. Specifically, when will she make landfall, where will it happen and will our flights tomorrow be cancelled?

While the rain outside falls heavier, the conversations inside the conference halls have been heating up. This mornings keynote "Teamwork, the Ideal Team Player" was delivered by Patrick Lencioni, founder of the The Table Group. We learned that the ideal team player is humble, hungry, and smart. Look for these three traits during the interview process and you've found an "A" player.

One of the most interesting breakout sessions of the morning was "Ditch the Performance Evaluation Tool" delivered by Dr. Lepora Menefee, Sr. Director of Talent Management for Equifax. Clearly Dr. Menefee touched a nerve with her evocative title as the session was jam packed, standing room only and spilled over into an adjacent overflow room. According to Dr. Menefee, the annual performance review as we currently know it is broken. Why? Employees don't appreciate the process, managers don't respect it, and most reviews are focused on what the employee is doing wrong. Additionally, a full 80 percent of performance reviews are skewed by the managers lack of objectivity when evaluating their employees, according to Dr. Menafee.

So, what have we learned? Employees hate annual performance reviews, managers hate doing them, and nobody trusts the output. So why do we perpetuate a broken process? At Bridge, we understand that engaged employees are happy employees. Stop by our booth this afternoon to grab a coffee and learn how the partnership of Bridge and your HR team can foster a culture of happy, engaged employees.    

SHRM Day 1

We at Bridge would like to welcome you to SHRM. We are in New Orleans rubbing elbows with some amazing people at SHRM’s (Society for Human Resource Management) annual conference and expo.

We’re hearing great insights from the likes of Laszlo Bock, former SVP of Operations at Google, who said attendees need to foster a culture of innovation and look for candidates who are smart and motivated problem solvers.

Stacy Cook from FMP Consulting said companies need to prioritize the content in their LMS and make sure it’s relevant to their audience and business needs. And the founder of The Employee Engagement Group, Bob Kelleher, said that 50-percent of employees are disengaged while 20-percent are actively disengaged. Disengaged employees leads to disengaged customers. So what do we do about all of this?

At Bridge we’re passionate about learning and have a lot of ideas of how to make your employees smarter and engaged. Stop by our booth to exchange ideas because we believe in helping companies concentrate on the strategic and innovative side of human capital. We’re here to enable you to create a competitive advantage with a learning program and LMS that aligns with your business goals.

So enjoy the fried alligator and po’ boys and live music, then come grab a coffee from our booth (2357) barista and let’s have a conversation about making our employees smarter.



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