Blended Learning Environments

increase flexibility and reduce classroom time

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“Instead of paying to have these employees come to a training in person, I plan on using Bridge to have them go through the information.” DR. LINDA MARION. Owner/CEO, White Knuckles Institute

Blended learning will help to increase flexibility as the owner of White Knuckles mentions.  But what is Blended learning? Means hybrid or mixed learning. Bridge corporate learning management system is an LMS that provides Blended learning environments with real data and real insights related to employees learning.

Those environments improve personalization and reduce classroom time.

Bridge learning platform offers:

Robust reporting : bridge’s dashboard is easy to read and digest. It provides both high level, at-a-glance statistics and deeper-dive detailed reports. 

Simple content: creation Create content quickly and easily, including multimedia embedding and much more. Make a copy of a previously created course to get started quickly, or simply reuse or convert existing content so you don’t duplicate efforts.

Custom branding: brand your platform with your logo, your color scheme, and more. Bridge is empowering, right down to giving you license to be you.

And Mobile first: use this LMS anywhere, on any device, at any time. Responsive platform design optimizes the user experience for all devices.

See for yourself what Bridge can make for your and your team.