Blended Learning Strategies

Blended Learning Makes for More Productive and Happier Employees

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Most small companies are discovering a shared struggle - finding the right way to educate and get your staff up to speed and moving forward. They need the proper tools to maintain their growth. How do you actually carve out the necessary time to properly train new workers? Most prosperous companies have mastered the art of training an engaged, effective staff at a reasonable budget and length of time.

Blended learning takes place when educators combine traditional in-class teaching methods with online learning, video and independent learning.

Bridge’s features are designed to entrust a simple, intuitive blended learning experience. Bridge is mobile, easy-to-use for both users and administrators and is easily deployed.

With Bridge  you can:

• Create custom roles to ensure that individuals have the appropriate levels of access in Bridge. 

• Enjoy simple, smart CSV uploads for both learners and groups. Seamless automations for CSV uploads

• Personalize employee course recommendations by needs and roles.

• Create short answer quizzes to gather feedback and sentiment regarding your organization.

• Award certificates for required or optional learning so learners can prove accomplishment.

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