Blended Learning Tools

Combining E-Learning and In-Person Training

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Blended learning combines the benefits of in-person training with the perks of e-learning. In-person training allows employees to get immediate feedback and take part in a stimulating group environment, while e-learning lets employees learn at their own pace, in an environment (and on a schedule) that may be more conducive to them. 

The following blended learning tools can help you build a successful blended learning environment within your company:

Learning Libraries

  • An organized virtual library of resources is an essential blended learning tool—it ensures that everyone has access to the same important information, whether they're in the office or brushing up on job skills remotely. No one should be referencing an outdated employee handbook, struggling to find a style guide, or unable to re-watch a sales training video.


  • Here's another blended learning tool that no modern company should train without. An online discussions tool lets employees ask and answer questions about learning materials and receive feedback from managers and colleagues, whether it's in real-time or when the time is right for them.

Quizzes & Surveys

  • Testing knowledge is almost as important as providing training. Assessment tools are crucial, as they drastically improve retention and give managers insight into the successes or shortcomings of their blended learning programs.

If blended learning is important to your team, look for a learning management system (LMS) that offers these blended learning tools. Take the Bridge demo today and see how it stacks up.