Cloud LMS

When "Video Killed the Radio Star" back in 1979, who knew the trickle-down effect it would have on present-day workplace training? Fortunately, this is a good thing, and now you can can leverage this dominating format to transform ineffective training for your business.

The use of videos just make sense in today’s fast-moving, ever-changing workplace, and modern learning management systems (LMSs) allow for seamless video integration. Unlike the last training lecture you had to sit (or snooze) through, video actually works because people retain 80 percent of what they see, 20 percent what they read, and 10 percent what they hear. Put it all together in video and you’ve made one heck of a memory.

With Bridge's cloud-based Learning Management System (LMS) you'll get features that are designed to empower simple, intuitive learning that's delivered to your mobile, active employees, anywhere on any device. Bridge gives you read data and real insights about your employees' learning, which can lead to real progress.

With Bridge, you get these powerful features:

• Mobile first - Use Bridge anywhere, on any device, at anytime

• Learning Library - Organize all content into a library for simple, accessible learning of all types

 Discussions - Create a community or discussion group around questions or thought-provoking statements

• Email reminders - Set up email reminders to help keep learners informed of deadlines and new course material

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Here are just a few reasons Bridge is the learning management system you’ll love.

For trainers, Bridge makes it easy to:

Convert content from your current LMS or corporate training software.

Create courses quickly with simple course authoring.

Engage your workforce with effective training.

For employees, Bridge provides the tools they need to:

Learn on the go with any mobile device.

Get measurable feedback in real time.

Start contributing to the company faster—and succeed.