Customer Service Training Programs

4 Ways to Up Your Customer Service Training Programs

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In a world where the customer is always right and can use social media to voice any issues with your company, having amazing customer service training programs is more important than ever. 

Here are four ways to up your customer service game:

1. Stop spending hours creating a course to train you customer service reps. Bridge allows you to create your own courses in less time than it takes to handle a service call. 

2. Bridge also allows you to see who has taken their assigned courses and who hasn't. You can give them a little nudge for those who still need to complete training so they can avoid the embarrassment of not knowing the material. 

3. Make sure your reps aren't just clicking through a course and just nodding their head instead of actually learning. With Bridge you can quiz learners on the course material, which provides real-time assessments that help you gauge the effectiveness of your courses, but also allows you to "grade" your learners and tweak the material to make sure your reps are getting it.

4. Make sure everyone gets the training they need. Cloud-based and responsive courses give you the ability to deploy customer service training to thousands of reps, vendors, employees, or whoever needs to be able to speak about your product intelligently in a matter of minutes.

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