Customer Service Training Videos

Make Mobile Friendly Customer Service Training Videos That Inspire Tears of Joy

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Picture this, you’ve got 500 customer service reps in 12 states and need to roll out training for a major upgrade to your company’s product. 

Would you rather schedule 20 separate meetings to go through an in-class presentation, or quickly develop and deploy a short course or video that can be seen by all 500 reps right in the palm of their hands between service calls, (if needed)? And if they need a refresher, they can review it whenever, wherever and as many times as it takes to get it.

Training can make all the difference between a team that inspires tears of joy or makes you hang your head in shame. But where do you begin? For starters, make sure you have a learning management system (LMS) in place to quickly and effectively deliver the goods, aka training. With Bridge you get:

  • Mobile-friendly Courses: 24/7 Access Means 0 Excuses
  • Real-time Reality Checks: No Coasting Through Lessons
  • Analytics: Verify who Actually Took the Course  
  • Easy-to-Design Courses: Drag and Drop It 
  • Rapid Deployment: Pull the Trigger Enterprise-Wide

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