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Blended learning helps employees grow, making them more productive and happier in their roles.

There's a struggle that most small companies have in common - finding the right way to train and get your staff up speed and to continue to give them the tools they need to grow. Countless websites and head hunters are there to help you find new employees, but how do you actually carve out time to bring on and properly train new workers? Many successful companies have mastered the art of training an engaged, effective staff at a reasonable budget and length of time.

Whether it’s a retail store or a manufacturing plant, it is important for all staff to be up to date on industry best practices. Blended learning (also known as hybrid or mixed learning) takes place when teachers combine traditional in-class teaching methods with online learning, video and independent learning.

How does translate into the real world of business and keeping your employees up to date with the latest industry best practices?

Bridge’s features are designed to empower a simple, intuitive blended learning experience. Bridge is mobile, easy-to-use for both users and administrators and is easily deployed. Bridge provides you with real data and real insights about your employees’ learning, which can lead to real progress.

With Bridge  you can:

• Get real time analytics and data like details around sign-ins, completion of courses, and overdue courses. You can even see when and how many people sign in, how long people spend in your course, how effective the course is, and so much more. 

• Create a community or discussion group around questions or thought-provoking statements to get people involved spontaneously or in scheduled intervals.

• Create quizzes. The Bridge quiz tool makes creating and sending out a quiz a simple and quick task.

•  Enjoy easy, smart CSV uploads for both learners and groups. 

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