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The days of the 9-5 workday are on the verge of extinction. The confluence of technology, the millennial workforce, talent shortage, and increase in temporary workers have all contributed to the near-disappearance of the typical workday. And while each of these trends warrants its own 20 minutes of fame, now is all about putting the final nail in the 9-to-5 coffin and embracing a better way to work.  

Let E-learning become the standard of education at your workplace. E-learning courses can exist in a variety of forms, using a range of technologies. Now's the time to help your employees complete education and training objectives with greater ease and flexibility.

Bridge gives you those powerful tools and in a setting that will keep your employees aligned with your company's goals. Bridge gives you real data so you can answer critical questions before you formulate a plan or take action.

With Bridge, you get access to these powerful features:

  • Simple content creation - Create content quickly and easily, including multimedia embedding and much more
  • Manual/Auto CVS import - Enjoy easy, smart CSV uploads for both learners and groups
  • Custom branding - Brand Bridge with your logo, your color scheme, and more
  • Course Index - Manage the courses you create in a central index. Find all published and unpublished content to edit, copy, or modify.

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