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Employee Training Courses Will Put Your Employees on the Track to Success.
Does your staff like to learn via the web? Do you they get fired up for seminars? Would it rock their world if we put those two words together? Well, you're gonna love our webinars. See what we did there? Webinars.
Bridge loves learning and teaching, and we don’t stop with our product. Here you’ll find a whole passel of webinars featuring the industry’s biggest thinkers, best practices, emerging trends, new research, and more. They’re intended to help you and your team gain knowledge, grow your skillsets, watch something more enlightening than trampoline fails online, and otherwise be more productive. If that's not enough, we’ll have webinars about how Bridge works, too.
Bridge’s features are designed to empower a simple, intuitive e-learning experience that’s delivered to your mobile, active employees, anywhere, anytime on any device. Bridge provides you with real data and real insights about your employees’ learning, which can lead to real progress.
Here are just a few features you will enjoy with Bridge:

• Bridge’s course reports are built for action and help managers be more proactive in identifying opportunities for learning and development.

• Brand Bridge with your logo, your color scheme, and more.

• Create a community or discussion group around questions or thought-provoking statements to get people involved spontaneously or in scheduled intervals.

• Get analytics about user activity and completion rates. Easily track analytics by course or quiz to understand how users score and feel.

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