Employee Training Software

The LMS Is the New Gold Standard

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Employee training software has come a long way since the old "sit in a room and watch this PowerPoint presentation" approach. And that's not to say that PowerPoint is obsolete—it's just become part of a much bigger picture.

Learning Management Systems: The New Employee Training Software Standard

Learning management systems (or LMSs) are the new standard when it comes to employee training software. A learning management system is a collaborative platform that companies can use to manage online courses. An LMS should also serve as a warehouse for all of your training content (like that awesome PowerPoint presentation you created).

Your Employee Training Software Should Be:

  • Scalable. The software you use to educate your employees should be able to handle an influx of talent.

  • Versatile. Your software or LMS should be usable by every department and every employee.

  • Intuitive. It should be easy for managers to create courses, and it should be easy for employees to take them.

  • Mobile. If employees can't use your training software from a remote location, and if they can't use it on any device, then their opportunities for improvement are limited.

  • Effective. It's absolutely necessary that you be able to measure the effectiveness of your employee training software through analytics and reporting.

It's time for your company to implement an LMS, the new gold standard of employee training software. Take a demo and determine whether the Bridge LMS can make a difference for your team.