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Human Resource Departments Have a Simple Option for Employee Training
HR departments are finding it tricky to keep up with effective, helpful learning for their employees. HR managers are searching for help to provide effective e-training for hiring, safety and employee retention. 
With Bridge assisting with HR Talent Management, human resource departments can ensure their employees are up to date on new employee training and regulations. Learning management systems are a useful tool HR managers can leverage.
Bridge is an engaging, versatile, adaptable, and easy-to-use LMS that can help HR staff train and develop teams that are confident in all areas of compliance. Minimizing HR compliance risk not only reduces lawsuits, but it also means employees are more likely to be happy and productive collaborators at work.
With Bridge LMS software you can enjoy these benefits:
• Review details around sign-ins, completions, and overdue courses—when and how many people sign in, how long people spend in your course, how effective the course is, and more. 
• Integrate directly with your CRM, HRIS or other system.
• Instantly offer your organization customizable content for key HR training needs
• Know how employees score. Award certificates for required or optional learning so learners can prove accomplishment. (Gold star stickers not included. Yet.)
Bridge is a mobile learning management system that makes on-the-go talent management easy and effective, and helps you identify top performing employees within your company. Take a demo now to see how it can help you move your training into the modern world.