Instructional Design Process

Instructional Design Process - Drag and Drop it Like It's Hot

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We’re at a place in time when phones aren’t for calling, meetings aren’t in person, and workspaces aren’t offices. And though technological advancements are great, they’re overwhelming your employees. 

That’s why the instructional design thinking movement is putting the employee experience at the forefront in order to keep up with today’s modern workplace.

Bridge helps you create effective training for your team that isn't as hard as it seems, especially with an easy-to-use online platform where you can create courses for... well, anything.  Try these approaches in your training program to eliminate the fluff and start seeing results:

  • Break it up. Lengthy study or training sessions are not the most productive way to learn.
  • Keep things fresh with variation in content. 
  • Incorporate videos, quizzes, and surveys similar to those in Bridge by Instructure’s online training platform will make it easier for employees to consume and retain information, and even to enjoy the learning process.

Instructional design can be as easy as drag and drop like its hot. Join us for the demo.