Integrated Talent Management

Software to Make the Most of Your Top Talent

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When your employees learn skills that benefit the company, as well as enhance their personal and professional development, amazing things happen. They start to discover their potential and your organization reaps the benefits.

Talent management goes hand in hand with Learning and Development. Traditional classroom and on-the-job training is evolving to take advantage of new developments in e-learning and learning management system platforms to help you find the best talent on the market. It’s changing in ways you can’t afford to pass up.

Bridge gives you a suite of uniquely powerful tools and in a setting that will keep your employees engaged and aligned with your company's goals. Bridge gives you real data so you can answer important questions before you formulate a plan or take action.

With Bridge, you get access to these powerful features:

• Simple Dashboard - Easy to read and digest. Providing both high level, at-a-glance statistics and deeper-dive detailed reports.

• Simple Content Creation - Create content quickly and easily, including multimedia embedding and much more.

• Mobile First - Use anywhere, on any device, at any time.

• Surveys - Easy-to-create surveys allow you to quickly measure how employees feel, what they need to know, and how to address their issues in real time. 

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