Learning Management Systems

Learning Management Systems

Discover the Learning Potential for Your Business and Your Employees
It wasn't too long ago that workplace training involved primarily face-to-face, classroom-based learning. A lot has changed since those days, however. Today, with rapid advances in technology, e-learning has quickly become the new norm. The digital landscape has developed to adapt to our growing online presence. Bridge's Learning Management System has expanded to take advantage of these needs
Bridge is here to help you focus on helping employees with personal growth and aspiration. Developments in collaborative, blended, and social learning help make learning interesting, engaging, fun, and continuous
Here's how Bridge will work for you:
• You can take courses in Bridge on your smartphone, laptop, or tablet. Its responsive design ensures a smooth, consistent experience wherever you are
• There are no versions, no upgrades, no downloads, and no migrations. It all happens automatically, so there’s less risk, less to manage, and less downtime
• We conduct regular audits and even contract independent security specialists to perform and publish a public security audit
• When you need us most, we’re up and ready to go. If Bridge were a shelter for animals, it would be a stable. If it were a Super Bowl champion QB, it would be Ken Stabler. If it were a made-up saint, it would be St. Able

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Here are just a few reasons Bridge is the learning management system you’ll love.

For trainers, Bridge makes it easy to:

Convert content from your current LMS or corporate training software.

Create courses quickly with simple course authoring.

Engage your workforce with effective training.

For employees, Bridge provides the tools they need to:

Learn on the go with any mobile device.

Get measurable feedback in real time.

Start contributing to the company faster—and succeed.