LMS Platforms

As a sales manager for an organization that employs thousands of people, setting up all day sales training seminars, in different locations, is time-consuming and costly. Today's active employees need a learning management system (LMS) platform that is easily accessible, while they are on-the-go!

Bridge is a Learning Management System (LMS) platform that creates, manages and delivers training material directly to all your employees. Can you picture the time and money you save by offering online training to all employees through their mobile devices - accessible anytime or anyplace?

Bridge's Learning Management System (LMS) can make a big difference by:

  • Streamlining all training courses for both trainers and employees on mobile devices for anytime use
  • Feeding training content into a centralized location for delivery to employees
  • Makes it easier for trainers to create training material and makes it easier for employees to access and learn

Active employees today need a LMS platform that allows them to learn and engage, while on-the-go.  Try our free demo today!

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Here are just a few reasons Bridge is the learning management system you’ll love.

For trainers, Bridge makes it easy to:

Convert content from your current LMS or corporate training software.

Create courses quickly with simple course authoring.

Engage your workforce with effective training.

For employees, Bridge provides the tools they need to:

Learn on the go with any mobile device.

Get measurable feedback in real time.

Start contributing to the company faster—and succeed.