LMS System

Eliminate the High-Cost of Seminars with a LMS System

In today's face-paced environment, providing employee training courses with face-to-face seminars takes time and money. Companies, who provide a learning management system (LMS) for employees to watch training courses on their mobile devices, not only save money, but provide reliable, measurable results for both employees and trainers. 

Bridge's effective learning management system (LMS) encourages flexibility to employee's schedules and allows for different learning styles, which enhances engagement and material retention. This LMS platform is used to maintain, manage, and deliver training information to trainers, employees, and human resources.

Bridge's learning management system includes:

  • Online training allowing employees to learn anytime, anywhere, on mobile devices
  • Ease-of-use for trainers and learners by creating, delivering, tracking, and reporting on online courses
  • Cost-effective online training is efficient for all employees and easily accessible

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Here are just a few reasons Bridge is the learning management system you’ll love.

For trainers, Bridge makes it easy to:

Convert content from your current LMS or corporate training software.

Create courses quickly with simple course authoring.

Engage your workforce with effective training.

For employees, Bridge provides the tools they need to:

Learn on the go with any mobile device.

Get measurable feedback in real time.

Start contributing to the company faster—and succeed.