Mastering Mobile Learning

Mastering Mobile Learning And Engaging Your Workforce

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“There’s been no other generation where technology has been so ingrained in everything we do,” said Lauria of Talent Distinctions. “It’s how we engage with our parents and all of our friends – in the social network sphere. It impacts how we want to and are used to engaging with our employers."

Are your learning and engagement platforms easy to use with a responsive design? Can they be accessed via smartphones and tablets? These are important questions when it comes to engaging millennials.

The research makes it clear: 

  • Your training needs to be delivered on a platform compatible with the technology millennials are using, from tablets to smartphones. 
  • Beyond that, the content itself needs to be delivered in a format that engages millennials.

Used to hearing groans when you mention training and development? You’re far less likely to hear it from the millennials. They want to earn their achievements. Demo Bridge here and master mobile learning.