Mobile Learning Management System

Why Your LMS Should Be Responsive and Cloud-Based

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Why Do I Need a Mobile Learning Management System?

It's a question many HR professionals and managers have been asking in response to the modern workplace's "everything must be mobile" mandate.

The answer is that the modern workplace is no longer bound by the walls of an office. Due in part to advances in technology and the shifting priorities of the millennial workforce, work—including training—is now happening everywhere: on the daily commute, at the airport, at coffee shops, at clients' offices, and at home.

A cloud-based, responsive platform hosts all your training content so it can be accessed any time and look good on any device, be it desktop, tablet, or phone.

So What are the Benefits of a Mobile Learning Management System?

  • Timely Learning Opportunities. Say you have a sales rep traveling to meet with a client. With a mobile learning management system, that rep can quickly brush up on a product's features or run through the best practices for a pitch. The best information is super fresh information.

  • Engagement. Requiring all employees to learn the same material at the same time is a good way to hurt engagement. A mobile learning management system allows employees to access training when they're focused and attentive. It can also present content in a gamified way that mobile device users respond to.

  • Supplemental Training. You might feel that the meat of a course is best delivered via desktop, but following up with a quick bite-sized refresher course or quiz that employees can take on their phone or tablet can vastly improve retention.

Bridge is a mobile learning management system that makes on-the-go employee training easy and effective. Take a demo now to see how it can help you move your training into the modern world.