Online Course Design

Online Course Design

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Designing and Effective Online Course

There's much more to developing effective e-learning train content than just creating a course with solid material. Keeping learners interested and engaged is the name of the game. Managers and course authors are concerned about adapting different courses to a variety of learning styles and individual needs.

While overwhelming at first, once you get past the basics and establish some consistency, those complexities will become part of the standard course-building routine. Bridge is here to help.

With Bridge's cloud-based Learning Management System (LMS) you'll get useful features that are designed to empower simple, intuitive learning that's delivered to your mobile, active employees, anywhere on any device.

4 tips to designing the perfect online course:

• Identify the purpose – Make sure to keep core goals in mind as you begin to organize your thoughts.
• Organize your resources – Manage and allocate your resources according to the complexity and importance of the e-learning course you are building. 
• Courses should be straightforward and outcome focused.
• Simplicity - Keep the course design simple and clean so you don't overwhelm your learners.
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