Online Distance Learning Courses

Online Distance Learning Keeps Your Employees Learning on the Move

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Are your employees constantly on the move? Do you have training requirements for employees on the road? How about lengthy commutes? That's a big yes to all three! It's time for you and your team to use Bridge LMS the corporate training suite that allows distance learning courses creation. 

Today, with rapid advances in technology, e-learning has quickly become the new norm. E-learning was developed to adapt to our growing online presence. But as that online presence itself starts to shift to mobile, online learning is keeping up – in the form of what’s being called m-learning.

Here are some of the benefits of Bridge online learning:

• Mobile training, however, is designed specifically for users who are on the go and not tied to a single personal computer. 
• Easy to use training on phones, tablets, laptops, Macs and PCs, through any web browser, all using the same system.
• Using a flexible, versatile, and adaptive LMS opens the user up to a world of learning opportunities.
• Simple LMS designed to meet your current needs helps you maximize training efforts and develop an exceptional team.
• Enjoy easy smart CSV uploads. Set sub account to measure and administer to multiple organizations with your company or with non-employees or partners.
• Effective training with Bridge allows your employees to be smarter.
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