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Introducing an Online Learning Platform for this Generation

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The days of 9-5 are on the verge of extinction. The confluence of technology, online learning platforms, talent shortages, the millennial workforce, and increase in temporary workers have contributed to the near-disappearance of the typical workday. Now is all about putting the last nail in the 9-to-5 coffin and embracing a better way to work.  

E-learning is now the standard way to learn. Courses exist in a variety of forms that not only engage but encourage. 

Bridge gives you powerful tools that keeps your employees aligned with your company's goals. What's the best way to engage your workforce? Answer this critical question before you formulate a plan or take action.

With Bridge, you get access an online learning platform with:

  • Simple content creation and much more
  • Enjoy easy, smart CSV uploads for both learners and groups
  • Brand Bridge with your logo, your color scheme, and more
  • Course Index - Manage the courses you create in a central index. Find all published and unpublished content to edit, copy, or modify.

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