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Allow Employees Mobility with Online Training Platform

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Every year administrators struggle with planning training seminars/courses and getting all the employees together at the same time. Some employees work inside the office and others work outside the office, possibly in another state or foreign country. Administrators can eliminate costly and time-consuming scheduling with an online training platform. 

With Bridge's online training platform you can work smarter while working less. Bridge's Learning Management Software (LMS) extends online training for active employees to their mobile devices, allowing them to learn from anyplace, at anytime. This online training platform also offers the benefits of customized courses for trainers, robust reporting, and the ability to empower administrators to help employees retain more information.

Bridge's Online Training Platform offers the following benefits:

  • Off-the-shelves courses - twenty customized developed courses available to assist trainers with content
  • Robust Reporting - measures the right things so you can be more responsive to employees
  • Bridge's Retain empowers administrators to increase and monitor retention for employees
  • Learn from the Learning - Bridge provides you with data before initiating a training plan 

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