Performance Management Objectives

Performance Management Objectives

Performance management objects in today's workforce has a lot of companies scratching their heads. How do you create objectives for a workforce you can't engage with? Learn how to link employee engagement with learning and objectives.

But what exactly is employee engagement? Employee engagement is a combination of being invested in your work; it’s knowing what your company’s goals are, and having the tools and the drive to contribute to your organization effectively.

  • It’s not about maintaining a morale level just high enough to avoid a mass exodus.
  • It’s not about spending whole workdays watching compliance videos that are forgotten as soon as they’re over.
  • And it’s not about trying to motivate employees with yearly reviews and hopes of small cost-of-living increases.

A lot can happen in a year, so the dialogue between managers and employees should be ongoing. That way, problems are solved instead of stewed upon, people get the tools needed to do their jobs better, and the company thrives. 

Only when employees feel safe enough, valued enough, and empowered enough can innovation occur. Without employee engagement, you aren't headed toward innovation, you're headed for extinction. 

Join us for the Bridge demo today because without employee engagement, there's no way to define a performance management system that can work.

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