Performance Management Plan

A Performance Management Plan That You Can Sink Your Teeth Into

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Anyone can nod their head and fake their way through a presentation. But it’s a little more difficult to fake it till you make it when you’re quizzed on the information. 

Performance management plans need real-time assessments, not only to help you gauge the effectiveness of your courses, but that allows you to “grade” your learners and tweak the materials if your peeps just aren’t getting it. 

The right LMS will allow you to:

  • Quickly see who in your organization has taken their assigned courses and who hasn’t.
  • Gently nudge those who still need to complete the training in one fell swoop—so your people can avoid the public embarrassment of not knowing the material.
  • Reward your most committed departments. A little interoffice competition could help motivate them to finish first and score highest on assessments.  

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