Performance Management System Definition

Performance Management System Definition – Guidance and Understanding

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What's the definition of a performance management system for today's workforce? It used to be so clear. But how do you incorporate and define a performance management system when you can't even engage with your employees? 

By learning to define employee engagement you'll understand what performance management system will make your employees shine. It's the only way.

Employee engagement is a combo pack of loving your work, understanding how you contribute to meet your companies goals AND having the tools to contribute to your organization effectively. 

Follow us down the yellow brick road:

  • When employees feel safe enough, valued enough, and empowered enough is the only time innovation can occur.

  • It’s not about spending entire workdays watching compliance videos that are forgotten as soon as they’re (thankfully) over.

  • It’s not about maintaining morale level just high enough to avoid a mass exodus.

  • And it’s not about motivating employees with yearly reviews and hopes of small cost-of-living increases.

Join us for the Bridge demo today because without employee engagement, there's no way to define a performance management system that can work.