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Taking E-Learning Training Courses to the Next Level

E-learning is now the standard for companies to educate new employees and teach critical new skills. But not all courses are built the same, however. Much like the classroom setting, E-learning can at times go astray and fail to engage learners and instead leave employees feeling as though their time has been wasted. 

Once you've finished designing an exciting, challenging course for your corporate training initiatives. Now what? Well, even with a top-notch, interactive and informative course, there’s still the process of actually motivating employees to learn. Your staff has to want to learn and be ready to absorb new information in order to make your e-learning course a success. How do you motivate employees to learn? 

Bridge has your answer with it’s uber-engaging, modern, slick, easy-to-implementlearning management system (LMS) that will more quickly give your employees the tools they need to be successful. It will change the way you help your people learn and train, plus help them be more productive faster.

Here are three learning tips to engage your employees:

1. Set up problems to solve, not questions to answer
Tests alone won’t always measure whether a learner fully grasps the information presented. Oftentimes, tests are structured so learners simply have to recall information. Rather than only testing what learners remember, also give them problems to solve.
2. Design a visually stimulating course
Even if the material isn’t inherently flashy, it doesn't mean the design has to be bland. To engage learners, every course you design should be stimulating and user-friendly. You don't want to distract learners with a complicated design, but large features and a few bold colors can go a long way toward making content appear more interesting.
3. Let learners know the objective
With specific objectives laid out in advance, users are trained to pay extra attention to the portions of each course that are pertinent to their training goals. Learning objectives can also serve as reminders for learners after completing the course.
Bridge makes on-the-go employee training easy and effective. Take a demo now to see how it can help you move your training into the modern world.