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Mobile Sales Training Software So There are No Excuses

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Picture this, you’ve got 400 sales reps in 15 states and need to roll out new training for a major upgrade to your product. 

Here's a trick question – would you rather:

  • Schedule 20 separate meetings for an in-class presentation?
  • Do a mass conference call where you can't gauge who's there, who's paying attention or who's not understanding it?
  • Or – quickly develop and deploy a short course or video so all 400 reps can train right in the palm of their hand? And if they need a refresher they can review as many times as it takes to get it?

Hmmmm. You chose the last one right?!  Because you wanna rock your sales training and close the deal. Sales training can make the difference between a team that truly inspires tears of joy or makes you hang your head in desperate shame. 

So where to begin? For starters, your LMS (learning management system) needs to quickly deliver the goods, aka training. Training is Bridge, it's all we do, so we do it well.

  • Easy-to-design courses. Drag and drop It like it’s hot
  • Mobile-friendly. 24/7 access means zero excuses – nada, none
  • Analytics. Verify who actually took the course and when
  • Real-time reality checks. No more BS-ing through lessons
  • Rapid and easy deployment. Pull the trigger enterprise-wide

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