The 2020 Learning & Performance Management Report

The 2020 Learning & Performance Management Report

In 2020 we have seen a great acceleration in the pace of digital transformation within organisations of all sizes.

For both business leaders and employees, this has been a time of uncertainty and also rapid change in the way we learn, perform and work.

New challenges create the need for new and different skills, with our workforces looking for greater support in their growth and development.

The way technology enables our employees and managers to have the necessary conversations around learning and performance has become a huge differentiator between businesses.

How can we provide both the support and access to knowledge that our employees need?

Is our approach to performance management strong enough to overcome the lack of human interaction that comes with remote conversations?

And what kind of user experience do our employees and managers have during a time of uncertainty and remote working?

These are some of the key questions that this report sets out to answer.