Crafting a NewCulture of Conversation

To tackle the extensive task of creating a culture of conversation, several of Bridge’s core features come together to form a cohesive communication-based toolset including:

Career Drivers Exercise

To lay a good foundation for meaningful conversations with your employees, consider Career Drivers. Designed for use in one-on-one settings, the exercise helps your employees feel heard by enabling them to voice the factors that keep them motivated. If you’re looking to strengthen your culture of conversation, there’s no better place to start than with one of the most important conversations an employee can have. After completing the initial career drivers exercise, take action by utilizing Bridge to track employees’ drivers and assess how well they are being met.

Manager And Employee One-on-Ones

Bridge’s one-on-one feature is templatized and intuitive, helping to facilitate and track 1:1 conversations. The shared agenda feature provides both the employee and the manager the opportunity to direct the flow of conversation, ensuring both voices are heard. And, by making sure these discussions happen more regularly than an annual review, your people will forge stronger bonds with their managers (and vice versa!), supporting optimal connection, alignment, and growth.

Goal Setting

Bridge’s goal-setting feature is a fantastic repository for keeping track of targets and making sure any action items from one-on-one meetings are maintained in an easy-to-find location. The feature also allows your people to measure success through a variety of progress metrics, from currencies and percentages to completed subtasks.

Group Agendas

Cultural change can only be truly felt when it’s extended to larger groups, which is why Bridge also manages shared group agendas. Shared agendas create a feedback loop that serves to hold both managers and employees accountable. Structured agendas also make for more inclusive team meetings, helping ensure all points are considered. For organizations looking to avoid a culture in which employees don’t feel heard, shared and collaborative agendas give everyone a voice—not just those who talk the loudest. 

Engagement Surveys

Bridge’s engagement surveys allow you to listen to, analyze, and act on feedback on an organization-wide scale. You can leverage engagement surveys to gather anonymous feedback on employees’ perceptions, views, and experiences. In order to make sure your culture of conversation is as honest as possible, Bridge’s engagement survey responses are fully confidential. In fact, we’re so committed to anonymity that Bridge won’t display any results until at least five surveys have been submitted.

Org Chart And People Search

Bridge offers an org chart that provides users with full visibility into the structure of their company, while providing details about each colleague’s personal and professional life, including their skills and interests.

Alternatively, Bridge’s ‘people search’ function is an even more direct way for your people to form an instant connection with a specific colleague. These features conjure up lines of communication between people who otherwise might never have met, allowing for new levels of interpersonal and professional understanding between your employees.

Are you ready to build a Culture of Conversation?

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