Bridge Skills Plus

AI-Powered Skills

Supercharge your employees' development by discovering, sharing, and gaining the skills they need and want.


Bridge Skills Plus leverages AI to help employees determine which skills will drive career growth, and recommend content that helps them reach their goals. Skills Plus is integrated seamlessly throughout the Bridge platform, saving time and increasing productivity for L&D and Talent teams.

What can Bridge Skills Plus do for your organization?

Connect Employees with Skills Communities

Build engagement and make it easier for employees to find subject matter experts, mentors, and collaborators. In the Bridge directory, employees can find skill communities and see who is willing to mentor them on a specific set of skills.

Personalized Learning Recommendations

Bridge AI-fueled learning recommendations suggest courses based on the skills an employee wants to develop. When employees know that the content will help them reach their goals, they jump on the opportunity to learn.

Less Manual Work With AI-Powered Automation

Bridge Skills Plus does the heavy lifting for you - it will manually tag skills to learning content, map skills with job titles, and assign personalized learning. Eliminate the manual work with Bridge, and spend more time on strategic initiatives.

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AI-Based Skills Suggestions

Skills Plus automatically recommends skills to employees based on their job title. Individuals will also see the skills they need to build in order to meet their career goals.

Courses Are Auto-Tagged With Skills

Skills Plus instantly scans thousands of courses and automatically tags them with the appropriate skills.

Skills-Based Learning Recommendations

Skills Plus introduces a dynamic, personalized approach that recommends the right learning to the right employee at the right time.

Develop Job Architectures and Skill Taxonomies

Skills Plus enables HR teams to leverage AI-based skill suggestions for job titles in order to build and maintain a dynamic and agile job architecture.

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