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People matter most.

How do you develop, retain, and promote the best people? How do you boost your people and the almighty bottom line at the same time? With Bridge learning and performance management software, that’s how.

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The Bridge Suite.

People: the one resource you can’t afford to ignore, lose, or replace. And the one thing that everything Bridge does is built around. With the Bridge suite of human capital management solutions, your people are more than people; they’re happier, more successful, more engaged, more results-driven people who stay.

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Easy to use =
gets used

It’s no surprise: software that’s easy to use is more likely to actually, you know, GET USED. So that’s what we make: user-friendly, intuitive software. It’s not rocket science (it’s software development).


With Bridge, everything—learning, performance management, development, and more— is integrated into one seamless experience for both managers and employees. No separate logins, no mismatched data, no litany of unnecessary extra steps.

In-depth analytics
and insights dashboards

Want actionable data? Bridge provides the kind of invaluable data that can inform your strategic decisions. Bridge captures manager-employee relationships, learning, and up-to-the-moment info on skills gap, all of which makes you and your business smarter.

Customer Support

Our goal is to help you focus on your business and your people, not your platform. That’s why Bridge has an entire team of world-class customer support personnel available 24/7 to help you. Real people. Real answers. All in real-time.

What if you could fill your business with x-factors and MVPs?

Bridge Perform is designed to help you do just that, starting with a complete reimagination of the manager-employee relationship. It helps make engagement, goals, and actionable learning more than just corporate buzzwords; they become difference-makers for the difference makers (see also: x-factors, MVPs, unicorns) in your company.

Learning. It’s what sets Fortune 500 companies apart from #501 and on.

And it’s what helps you develop your people, aligning them with company-wide strategy and turning them into super-employees. Bridge Learn is a learning management system that can help you leap the skills gap and upgrade your workforce with performance-focused learning.

Can video be smart, easy, & interactive?

Yes, with Arc, the next-generation online video learning platform that turns one-way, passive video into inclusive, productive discussion. When integrated with Bridge Learn, Arc helps you add a whole new level of engagement to your video learning strategy.

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Who Uses Bridge?

We’ve always said “smarter people do smarter things.” As it turns out, smarter businesses do the same thing. And, not coincidentally, smarter businesses use Bridge.

All things performance management, learning management, human capital management.

If it’s a relevant buzzword (like the mouthful above), we’ll dig up an article, case study, white paper, webinar, or other e-learning thing in our Learning Center to keep your finger on the pulse of talent management (there’s another buzzword!).

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