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LMS Reporting & Analytics

Bridge provides in-depth LMS analytics dashboards to help you measure and evaluate the success of your training and employee development programs.  Make the best decisions and see how learning is driving business results.

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What You Can Do With Bridge LMS Analytics

Get the most critical insights on your training and employee development programs.

See Overdue Learners

Measure Content Creation

Track Usage Metrics

1on1 Frequency Tracking

View Enrollment Status

Detailed Completion Metrics

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Easy to Learn, Easy to Use

You don't need to be an analyst to use Bridge. It's easy to create customizable reports, filters, and dashboards. See everything at a glance with easy-to-interpret charts and graphs.

Automate Updates

Automate report distribution so your leadership teams are always in-the-know. Create a report, pick how often you want to receive updates, who receives them, and hit send. Choose from a variety of file formats.

Track Usage

View employee usage metrics like logins, how often managers are meeting with their teams, and assess skills coverage in the organization. View reports at an individual or team level.

Custom Configurations

Create custom reports using metrics and analytics with configurable filters like learner type, user groups, course type, progression, due dates, and more.  

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