BRIDGE performance management solutions

Performance Management System

Help your people do their best work. In one unified experience, identify skills and talent gaps, conduct performance reviews, develop manager and employee relationships, align teams, and track progress to goals. See how you can connect, grow, and align your teams with Bridge:

  • Talent Reviews
  • Performance Reviews
  • Shared 1on1s
  • Goal Alignment
  • Skill Assessments 
  • Peer Recognition
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What You Can Do With Bridge Performance Management Software

Performance Reviews

Have performance conversations that matter. Go beyond the tactical and delve into meaningful interaction, feedback, and goal-setting.

Skill Assessments

Gain a clearer picture of how your people are performing in relation to key skills. Utilize skill feedback to quickly identify training gaps and growth opportunities.

Shared 1on1s

The more that managers and employees communicate, the better they perform. Shared 1on1 meetings are based around tasks, goals, roadblocks, learning, and more.

Career Drivers

Our Careers Drivers activity kickstarts the growth conversation between managers and their people. This is a helpful onboarding and career development tool.

Goal Alignment

Help your leaders keep their people accountable by aligning each employee and team goals with the strategic objectives of your organization.

Talent Reviews

Gain a comprehensive view of your talent. Find and fill skills gaps, assess performance, and enable succession planning all on a single-axis bar chart.

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Group Agendas

Group agendas provide structure and collaboration to team meetings—add agenda items, tasks, and due dates.

Push Notifications

You no longer have to manually chase people to get them to complete their training. Set alerts that keep your people on top of their mandatory courses.

Locate Mentors

Search for coworkers profiles, find mentors, and discover shared interests and skills right in the app

Everyone has a very similar experience, no matter which part of the interface they’re interacting with. The fact that Bridge is beautifully simple is the number one reason why we have felt so comfortable with our adoption.

Amy Skyles, Brewer Science

I’m looking to drive a shift in the way we have traditionally approached people development. I’m excited that Bridge supports our efforts to connect training courses with development conversations between people and their managers.

Phil Burgess, C Space

Bridge has been a tool that has helped us progress our company culture. It’s allowed us to shift our focus towards creating a company culture of learning and engagement and improved communication.

Carleigh Courteau, Spectrum Auto

Bridge Performance Management System FAQs

A performance management system objectively evaluates the accomplishments of each employee, ensuring consistency and reliability. It also supports employee development through continuous feedback and goal setting.

No matter what stage of growth you’re in, or your size, we believe a strong performance management process is centered on: a structured review cycle, aligning/setting goals, and having a mechanism for continuous feedback. Bridge can help with all three!

Bridge offers a number of integrations, including content partners (Open Sesame, LinkedIn learning), communication tools (like Slack), video providers (like YouTube and Vimeo) HRIS (Bamboo HR) and e-commerce providers. Check out our integrations page for more information.

Bridge pricing is set per user, per month.

Yes! Bridge offers single sign on with a number of platforms.

We’ve won awards for our ease of implementation, but would love to consult with you first to understand your needs and integrations. Contact us today to speak with one of our experts.

The Bridge mobile app is for end-users (your employees). Use it to push notifications and share 1on1 agendas.

How to Develop People-First Leaders

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How to Measure Employee Productivity

Download the ebook to learn how to measure (and increase) your people’s productivity, no matter where they’re located.

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