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When your partners and customers understand how to use products and software effectively, business is more likely to grow. Bridge LMS makes it easy create, distribute and track training programs for franchisees, partner and customers. 

Train customers with Bridge LMS

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Customer & Partner Training Made Easy

Build Partner Content

Bridge comes with a built-in course authoring tool that doesn't require design or development expertise. If you need something more advanced, we have an add-on for those who need to take it to the next level.

Train Employees Too

Bridge software can be used for both your internal employee development and customer enablement. Consolidate your tools and streamline your training initiatives.

Integration Options

Need to integrate with other tools? No problem. Integrate with Google calendar, single sign-on (SSO) and authentication platforms, content providers, HRIS, and e-commerce platforms. Bridge also offers open APIs.

Create Custom Videos


Create training videos and track important metrics like watch time and views. Best of all your videos can be kept private or public and integrated into your LMS.

Track Enrollments

Access LMS analytics and reporting and configurable dashboards. Identify the most popular learning content and find customer pain points with visibility of course completion, failure, and enrollment. 

Keep Learning Separate

Segment accounts to ensure that customer groups are accessing the right information. With Bridge, you can offer every customer a secure, branded and customized learning experience.  

Customer Enablement & Training: FAQs

Both! Whether your customers are businesses or individual consumers, Bridge provides you with the flexibility to train them to the very highest standard.

Absolutely! Both Bridge LMS and Bridge’s Performance Management System can be used for internal and external learners. Find out more about Bridge Performance Management here.

We offer flexible pricing options for customer training that are specifically designed for this use case. Reach out today to get a custom quote.

Yes—you can leverage sub accounts to use the same account for multiple groups of learners.

Yes. The Bridge mobile app allows for on-the-go learning, with or without internet access. The app is available at no cost for both iOS and Android.

Specifying criteria like a range of hire dates will allow Bridge to automatically create smart groups. You can then use those groups to enroll substantial volumes of new hires en masse.

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