Bridge Career Drivers

What Motivates Your Teams?

Your employees have their own ambitions and motivations, so a one-size-fits-all approach to career development won’t address their unique needs. The first step in creating a rewarding employee experience is working with them to discover their priorities, what their ideal culture looks like, and what they want to accomplish.

Bridge Career Drivers helps employees to define what matters most to them.

What Is Bridge Drivers?

Bridge Drivers is a card game that helps managers understand what motivates their teams and sparks insightful, organic conversations about what employees care most about. The exercise gives employees a framework to define what drives them in their careers, helps them communicate their needs and whether they’re being met, and find the skills they need to achieve their goals.

Each card represents a career driver like:



Work-life Balance


Bridge Employees Career Drivers

How to Use Bridge Drivers?

There are two ways to play

The online version of the game is easy to access for remote teams and perfect way to keep teams talking with career conversation prompts and helps managers connect with their people by learning how they like to communicate. 

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The in-person game is ideal for face-to-face conversations. Bridge Career Drivers isn’t just a powerful onboarding exercise to get to know employees, but a tool that can be revisited regularly to check engagement.

Download the instructions to learn how to play.

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Helps Organizations by

Close the Skills Gap

Uncovering which skills are lacking in their employee

Deliver Impactful Learning

Improving those skills moving forward

Turn their Drivers into Reality

Articulate and achieve their career visions

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