Career Driver CARDS

What Drives Your Employees?

Bridge Employees Career Drivers
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Employee Conversations That Matter

These cards provide a framework to have crucial career conversations between managers and employees that help them articulate what drives them in their careers.

How to Use the Cards

The career driver card sort usually takes 30 to 45 minutes. Make sure to set aside enough time so you’re not rushed.

1. Select Drivers

Separate your deck of cards into the six color categories and spread them out in front of your employee.

Have your employee choose up to three drivers from each category, based on the words they feel are the strongest drivers of their career. Place the cards they select into a “driver pile” and discard the rest.

Repeat this process for all six categories, gathering all the selected drivers into a single pile.

Bridge Employees Career Drivers
Bridge Career Drivers

Discover employee’s “why”

Keep employees engaged: Help them identify what drives and motivates them with the Career Drivers exercise.

2. Shuffle and Select Top Drivers

Now that your employee knows what drives them, you’ll want to focus in on their top drivers.

Shuffle their selected cards and lay out five of them. This represents the employee’s “Top 5.” Now place one of the cards from the remaining deck of their selected drivers on the table and let the employee decide whether to keep it (i.e. swap it with one of the Top 5) or discard it.

Repeat for the rest of their selected drivers.

Note: If two or more drivers mean more or less the same thing to an employee, they can merge the two drivers together, placing the most accurate word on top.

3. Rank Current Satisfaction

Place two pens on the table, above and below the focused drivers. The top pen will indicate “my needs are met,” and the bottom one will indicate “my needs are not met.”

Ask your employee to move the cards up and down the virtual sliders to show how well met each driver is in the context of their current job circumstances.

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