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Your organization's greatest asset is its people. Bridge is an all-in-one platform that helps track goals, career growth, skill development giving a complete view of each employee. Bridge has an incredible LMS Learning Platform that provides employees with the learning they need to grow, and Bridge Performance Management gives HR teams a comprehensive view of each employee including skills they want to learn, career vision and performance metrics.

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Bridge Is All About Employee Development


Get your skills strategy off the ground with Bridge skills management software. Access a database of over 30,000 skills powered by Lightcast, a global leader in labor market data.


A Learning Management System is fundamental to teaching new skills, making new hires more productive and developing managers with leaderships courses.


Tie it all together with Bridge performance management. Managers will have a holistic view of career growth, goals, skills and ability to gather peer start/stop/continue feedback.

Flexible Learning Pathways

No one wants a ton of courses dumped on them at once. Bridge Journeys gives you the power to schedule smaller content releases that won't overwhelm your learners. 

Performance Reviews

Whether you run performance review cycles annually or quarterly, we have you covered. Bridge makes it really easy for employees to discuss challenges, celebrate wins and set goals.

Employee Development: FAQs

Bridge subscriptions are billed annually, and priced based on how many users will be accessing the platform. Check out our plans and pricing page for more information.

Onboarding time really varies by the complexity of the implementation, but we see many customers up and running very quickly.

Yes! We have a number of out-of-the-box implementations, an open API and we also do custom implementations as well. 

Yes, we have a number of content options. With your subscription, you’ll have immediate access to over 100 courses. We also have special partnerships with OpenSesame and can also help with customer content. 

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It was important to find a solution that supports our employees’ desire to develop themselves. We found Bridge does that because it’s intuitive, self-explanatory, and keeps people engaged and wanting to be there.

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