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With Bridge, go beyond mandatory training. Onboard new hires faster, build skills and create leadership programs for managers. Bridge LMS Learning Platform provides employees with the learning they need to grow, and Bridge Performance Management gives you a comprehensive view of each employee including skills they want to learn, career vision and performance metrics.

Consolidate Employee Development Into One Platform

How Bridge Can Improve Employee Development

Develop Skills

Go beyond mandatory training and create programs that help up-skill and re-skill your people. Bridge leverages a database of over 30k skills powered by Lightcast, a global leader in labor market data.

People Analytics

With Bridge Analytics measure course completion rates, overdue learning, skills competency, 1on1 frequency, and goal attainment. See all of your metrics in one place.

Continuous Feedback

Drive employee development through multiple feedback options. Employees can request and receive feedback from peers on their skills competency and get start/stop/continue feedback.

Flexible Learning Pathways

No one wants a ton of courses dumped on them at once. Bridge Journeys gives you the power to schedule smaller content releases that won't overwhelm your learners. 

Performance Reviews

Whether you run performance review cycles annually or quarterly, we have you covered. Bridge makes it really easy for employees to discuss challenges, celebrate wins and set goals.

Employee Development: FAQs

Yes. We recognize that every organization has unique needs, which is why Bridge LMS and Bridge Performance Management can be purchased as standalone products. If you need more licenses for one or the other, that can be accommodated too.

Bridge’s learning and performance products exist in the same interface, with the same login, and the same support team. When an organization uses both our learning and performance platforms, the experience is so seamless that end users won’t be aware that they’re two separate products.

Absolutely. If your organization is only ready for one solution right now, our customer success team will always be there to help you explore different parts of Bridge. It’s never too late to expand your partnership!

We believe in developing the whole person. Bridge customers use the platform for all sorts of employee development, from health and wellness to professional skill development.

Yes, Bridge offers soft skill courses at no additional cost to help you get started with employee development. Learn more here.

Employee Development Resources

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