Bridge + Gomo: A Powerful Way to Build and Distribute Great eLearning

Create beautiful, responsive eLearning courses simply.

Gomo Learning for Advanced eLearning Authoring

How Bridge and Gomo Work Together

When used in conjunction, Gomo and Bridge create a fast and powerful way to produce and distribute effective learning content to your audience. Together, they deliver the right content at the right time to drive the best results.

Here’s how it works:

Create your Course in Gomo

Utilize Gomo's advanced authoring capabilities to create a beautiful e-Learning course with interactive assessments, multi-language capabilities, and much more.

Within Gomo, select "Publish to Bridge"

Your course will magically appear in your Bridge account! Plus, if you need to update the course, simply update it in Gomo and publish the updates straight to Bridge.

Making Your Mark With Gomo Custom Themes

Upload your brand’s logo and colors to Gomo and create a customized theme that ensures on-brand consistency across all of your courses. With Gomo, you can update the look and feel of your courses with finger-snap efficiency.

Step 1: Content Authoring With Gomo

Use Gomo and take the hard work out of creating beautiful, engaging courses. Gomo’s intuitive drag-and-drop interface and library of preset themes allows for fast, flexible content creation.

Multi-Language Capabilities

Flexible Course Branding

Interactive Assessments & Screen Assets

Looks Great on All Devices

Collaborative, Cloud-Based Authoring

Theme Template Library

Bridge + Gomo Customer Support

Whether you’re onboarding one or 100 new authors, our dedicated support team and training academy resources are on hand to help you get the most out of Gomo and Bridge.

When troubleshooting your courses, it can be challenging to work out whether the problem is coming from the authoring tool or the distribution tool. With Bridge + Gomo, we ensure that your course functions seamlessly—from creation to delivery.

Step 2: Distributing Content With Bridge

Publish your courses to Bridge and deliver top-quality learning experiences on a platform built for ease of use.

Custom Learning Journeys

Stage Courses to Deliver Content at the Right Time

High-Quality Videos

Powerful Analytics Insights

Learning Checkpoints

Mobile App: Learn on the Go

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Our trainers are saying that, with Gomo, it's so easy to know what to access on a content level. We can give people content that's relevant to them, whether they're in a retail or call center environment, or anywhere else. Using Gomo allows us to bring out the best from a cosmetic point of view, with beautiful backgrounds, page assets, and pop-ups. It's made a massive difference.

Dharmesh Chauhan Senior Online L&D Consultant for Client Sales, Domestic & General

Gomo’s flexible templates and all the different layout types and effects result in courses that look great and prime our trainees to learn, especially on mobile. The tool’s multilingual capability is naturally perfect for our international audience—the English content was easy to export and hand to our translators, and once they were done, importing their localized versions was just as simple.

Shona Henderson Director of Global Learning Solutions, Humanitarian Leadership Academy

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