Putting Impact-Backed ROI at the Heart of Your Learning Ecosystem

You don’t need persuading that L&D has a huge part to play in making your organization more positive, productive, and profitable—but your internal stakeholders might!


It’s not enough for you to recognize the power of L&D. You also need to demonstrate learning impact to C-suite stakeholders who don’t just want to hear about learner satisfaction or course completion rates. They want to see the clear, quantifiable business outcomes that L&D brings to the table. And, since they hold the purse strings for your learning budget, you’ll want to do everything you can to impress people like your CEO, CFO, and CIO.

Luckily, our latest ebook sheds light on the metrics that matter most to your C-suite. Packed with original research from Bridge and expertise drawn from companies across Learning Technologies Group, “Putting Impact-Backed ROI at the Heart of Your Learning Ecosystem” will talk you through:

  • The challenges that come hand in hand with budgetary scrutiny
  • Models for measuring learning impact—and the elements that count most
  • The metrics that highlight learning impact
  • Telling the story of eLearning impact with an emphasis on business outcomes

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